Episode 55: That Light in the Window is Welcoming You Home

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Spying something cool in a shop window and pausing to take a longer look at it.

The very, very end of the movie Before Sunset when she’s dancing and singing softly, laughing to herself.

A bowl of bright orange tangerines.

Finding connection with someone you don’t know, a shared glance or smile, if only for a moment.

Putting in your two weeks notice at a job that’s not right for you any longer.

Starting a brand new book you’ve been eager to read.

Feeling included when someone’s planning a party.

Asking a question that changes the entire conversation.

Exploring a new hotel room, opening all the doors and looking in the bathroom.

A really good stretch that leaves you feeling calmer and more limber.

New Year’s resolutions that actually stick with you.

Making something with your own hands.

Reading a personal memoir that challenges the way you think about the world.

Dinner with an old friend, where you fall right into step again without missing a beat.

When the lights go down in the theater right before the movie starts.

The smell of a sports field in the hot sun.

Using a stapler, how nice it feels to punch through paper, the satisfying tschhnk.

Seeing someone you love perform a lead role in a play, and they do so well!

At the end of a concert when the band comes out for one final encore and they play your very favorite song.

A polaroid picture slowly developing while you look at it.

Enjoying someone else’s garden, having them point out all the different plants and flowers.

The first bite of truly, stupidly delicious pizza.

Walking up to your house at night and seeing the glow of a light shining in the window, welcoming you back home.