Episode 35: Dancing at a Wedding


If my voice sounds strange to you, that's because I'm sick. General spells for weddings, travel, puppies, delight and so much more.

Fog rolling across the road in the morning, not too thick, just magical.

A wooden cabin in the forest, creaky floors and old porches.

Hearing a song you like out in the world and being quick enough to Shazam it so you can hear it again.

When your animal can sense that you’re not feeling well and they stick close by.

Meeting your friend’s parents and liking them a lot, you could see where they came from.

Dancing at a wedding for hours to every hit song from the last thirty years.

Watching the launch of a new rocket light up the sky, everyone around you stops to look up too.

Looking at an entire wall of nail polish colors -- strange oranges, deep purples -- every tint and hue that you can imagine is on display.

The joy and optimism of watching your friends join their lives together, how genuine and remarkable it feels to believe in the future together.

Waking up early and sitting on the dock of a lake, the light filtering in as you watch the world wake up.

Doing something nice for someone but not telling a soul about it.

A really great cheese plate with tons of different kinds of cheeses.

The utter, enormous luxury of a king-sized hotel bed.

The sweet silly dopiness of a golden retriever puppy falling all over itself to give you kisses.

Walking through a house designed by a famous architect, all golden angles and comforting rooms.

An unattended photo booth that you squeeze into with your best friends.

Watching a video of a professional ballerina beat up her dance shoes so they fit just right.

Paying for a drink at a bar in a small town.

When people say your name right on the first try.

Discovering some tiny local restaurant on your drive through a little town, wondering about the daily lives of the people dining around you.

The hum and possibility of an airport, all these people flying so many places to see other people all over the world.

How stunning it is that it all this universe with its millions of planets and thousands of billions of stars, and this beautiful world with its many continents and islands, countries and vast oceans, I still had the privilege of meeting you.



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This episode of Happiness Spells was written, arranged, recorded and produced by Amanda Meyncke in Los Angeles, California. Our music is by Chris Zabriskie.

Amanda Meyncke