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Why subscribe?

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Subscribing to Happiness Spells makes it incredibly easy to listen to new episodes or scroll through your favorite past episodes. It’s free in every podcast app, and if you’re not listening via an app, we recommend Overcast.

To subscribe, simply open your preferred podcast app on your phone, search for Happiness Spells and you’ll see a button to “Subscribe.”

Once you’ve subscribed, the app will automatically update when a new episode has been released. Some apps will notify you, or download new episodes automatically, depending on your settings.

The best way to listen to Happiness Spells is via your preferred app, you can often set a timer or make a playlist, speed up or slow down the episode.


Subscribing helps us a lot in a few different ways. It helps us continue to make new episodes of Happiness Spells, it gives us an accurate idea of how many people listen and helps promote the show to new audiences, allowing us to make the best possible show for everyone.

So subscribe today in your favorite app, and show your support and appreciation for Happiness Spells.


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