Episode 45: A Place I’ve Been Before (ft. Hannah Wei)


A tribute to the in-between moments of life at home on the road, captured by a nomad. This episode is written by photographer, product designer and nomad Hannah Wei, find her at herlifeinpixels.com.

Back stretching in the morning silence. A flood of warmth filling the space between newly awakened joints.

A cold glass of water. Its crystal reflection flickering on the kitchen counter under the sunrise.

People-watching as the city begins its day - a store owner placing tables outside, school children gossiping at a bus stop, a musician carefully setting up by the subway.

Leaning into a tight embrace with an old friend. The moment when the silence of distance melted away to the feeling of belonging.

A mechanical click of the trusty camera shutter, immortalizing the in-between moments of an infectious laughter.

Feeling a gust of wind envelop you with creative energy, carrying you a little further into a sea of blankness. Ah, what shall we create here?

The rhythm of ocean waves far away in the distance. A hush that builds up to a muted crescendo, then fading away to a hush, again and again.

Part-taking in a dance of creative collaboration. Moving through the motions of leading, following, of blending narratives into something bigger, of exploring a connection.

Finding yourself lost in a long-held gaze with someone you've missed dearly.

Returning to a familiar cafe and ordering the same thing you've always ordered. You notice the new lights, it's a reminder that places also grow.

Composing a love letter in your head, trying to fill that space between then and now.

Watching raindrops gather on the dusty windowsill during a thunderstorm.

Trampling over puddles, crossing railway tracks in search for that beautiful, abandoned corner the neighbourhood hidden among roads to nowhere.

Meandering through traffic on a fast bike, propelled by the energy of the city.

A familiar taste of home-cooked food in a home far away from home.

Catching a glimpse of the city from a rooftop in the final minutes of sunset, where concrete giants of the metropolis are backlit by burning pastel hues and the glow of headlights below colour the city like electricity.

Holding the wrinkled hands of an older friend. One day, you hope, your own hands will have held many meaningful moments too.

A peaceful pause in conversation during a long drive to the other side of town. Stillness at sixty miles per hour.

An empty page in the journal, beckoning to be filled with textures of today, the novel, the mundane, the questions you don't yet have the answers to.

Feeling at home, where home is a feeling. A place you've been before and a place that will go with you, today, tomorrow, forever.



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This episode of Happiness Spells was written, arranged, recorded and produced by Amanda Meyncke in Los Angeles, California. Our music is by Chris Zabriskie.

Amanda Meyncke