Episode 50: The Feeling of Christmas in the Air


Happy holidays from me to you. Especially if this time of year isn't so bright, so warm, so welcoming as you hoped it would be. Come and sit by the fire with me for a bit and listen to this list of Christmas and Holiday cheer. I want you to know I am cheering for you, and wishing you the very best as this long, hard year draws to a close. Tell someone you love them, you know who it is -- they need to hear it and you need to say it.

A beautiful festive wreath on your own front door.

Going to the Christmas tree lot and picking out just the right tree, the pine scent filling your car and your home for weeks.

Long breaks and vacations with nothing to do but read.

Finding the perfect present for each person, something they loved but would never get for themselves.

Decorating the tree, pulling out the ornaments that you’ve gathered over the years placing them carefully among the soft, glowing lights.

Planning what to cook and bake for Christmas breakfast and dinner -- something savory, something sweet.

Seeing bright red poinsettia flowers everywhere you go.

Hearing Christmas music from all corners - the gas station, the market - songs you know so well and haven’t heard since last year.

Making popcorn garlands and cranberry wreaths.

Passing a group of carolers on the street, they’re singing your favorite song.

Wandering down the street late at night to see all the lights and decorations, the pavement almost glows, it’s all warmth and peace.

Drinking eggnog with a little splash of brandy.

Volunteering your time, energy and money to help those who need it and being glad to do so.

Going to a Christmas party and wearing your very best, the lights, food and company warming you from within.

Stuffing a stocking for a little kid, some candy and tangerines, a few small toys and then seeing their delight as they tear into it on Christmas morning.

Watching classic holiday movies, A Christmas Story, Elf, Home Alone - each one familiar and loved.

Finding yourself under the mistletoe with someone that you really want to kiss.

Building a gingerbread house with little kids and piling on the colorful candies in the white icing, it’s not pretty but it’s sure is cute.

Bundling up and making a snowman, you might look a little lopsided but he’s yours all the same.

Seeing all the presents and brightly colored packages under the tree.

Pulling the plastic off that first candy cane, before you’ve had so many that you’re almost sick.

Cards from so many far-flung friends and family members, it’s amazing to see how everyone has grown over the year.

One of your friends going all out with an ugly sweater party.

Eating a truly obscene amount of carefully decorated sugar cookies.

Listening to Charlie Brown Christmas, the greatest Christmas music of all time.

Christmas episodes of your favorite TV shows no matter how old they are.

The way that this time of year can make you feel like a kid again, if only for a few hours, you can feel the joy and the excitement and hold that feeling and the people you love, close.



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This episode of Happiness Spells was written, arranged, recorded and produced by Amanda Meyncke in Los Angeles, California along with Little Everywhere. The music in this episode is by Dann Gallucci.

Amanda Meyncke