Episode 47: A Very Detailed List of Everything I'd Like to Do With You.


A very detailed, very personal list of everything I'd like to do with you and for you! Te amo. Eg elska pig. Ya tebya liubliu. Doset daram. Ich liebe dich.

I want to learn how to tell you that I love you, in five different languages.

I want to go to every single Frank Lloyd Wright house with you so we can decide which is our favorite.

I want to paint a picture that ends up in a museum and when they do the unveiling, you’re in the audience clapping wildly.

I want to wear sunglasses and a scarf and drive a little red car up the hills of San Francisco with you in the passenger seat, shouting directions over the roar of the engine.

I want to go to open houses and pretend that we’re rich and fancy and comment loudly to one another that six bathrooms isn’t nearly enough bathrooms.

I want to ask you to take a picture of me on every continent.

I want to plant a tree together and come back and visit it every year until it’s taller than we are, the branches reaching high into the sky.

I want to learn how to play a new instrument so I can surprise you by playing a song that you loved.

I want to invent a new language that only we speak and talk all day and all night about things no one else can ever understand.

I want to watch you run a race and hold up my handmade sign cheering you on, your name spelled out in giant letters.

I want to get a potter’s wheel and learn how to throw pots so I can fill your house with cups, bowls, and vases in all your favorite colors.

I want to write a movie that gets made just so we can walk the red carpet together and pose for pictures.

I want to buy a cookbook from the chef that you loved so much and make every single recipe in the book from beginning to end no matter how complicated they are.

I want to sit next to you when they call your name out as the winner of a prize and hug you joyfully as you make your way up to the stage in utter shock.

I want to bet ten whole dollars on our lucky number and when we win big, we’ll spend it all on pie and coffee at an all-night diner.

I want to take a road trip with you where we only travel at night and sleep during the day, just to see the world in a different way.

I want to write a book that gets published and dedicate the whole thing to you, delicately dropping your name and interviews as a major source of inspiration.

I want to memorize the back of your head, the curve of your neck, slope of your wrist, so well that I’d be able to pick you out of a thousand people.

I want to put on a play based on conversations we’ve had, the plays sells out for months, the critics write rave reviews about how moving and genuine it is.

I want to stand so close to you that I’m accidentally stepping on the fronts of your shoes and you’re walking around with me on your feet, laughing too hard.

I want to learn how to weave fabric, to sew and design you many incredible outfits, so many that you’d never run out of things to wear.

I want to see the world the way that you do and to feel all at once, to know deeply that I’m a part of the world and it, a part of me.



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This episode of Happiness Spells was written, arranged, recorded and produced by Amanda Meyncke in Los Angeles, California. Our music is by Chris Zabriskie.

Amanda Meyncke