Episode 6: Act of Bravery


This set of happy things is summery, tactile, brave and personable. Give it a shot.

Talking to a stranger and discovering that you have so much in common, it feels like the world is small enough to put in your own pocket.

Lounging on your cousin’s couch reading, as water from a sprinkler hits the window in the hottest heat of summer.

Being handed a waffle cone filled with 2 perfect scoops of your very favorite ice cream, cold and delicious, the sweet delicate ice crystals melting on your tongue.

Dreading a new experience that you’ve never had before, then finding out it’s not so bad, you had no reason to worry so much.

Those few moments of the year when everything seems to be going so well you can barely breathe.

The feel in your fingertips as you pull a freshly sharpened pencil over an expanse of thick white paper, the graphite catching the paper ever so slightly along the way.

Finding so many gray hairs that you start crying, your person holding you and gently reminding you that it’s going to be ok.

Holding a beautiful, tanned, soft leather purse in your hands before inhaling the warm animalistic smell.

Buying something from Etsy and receiving a sweet thoughtful note from the person who made your beautiful thing, wrapped up just so beautiful, a present for you.

Meeting a brand new, soft, wriggly, warm puppy who falls asleep on your lap as you play with their oversize fluffy paws.

Torn between two decisions, flipping a coin and almost melting with relief at the outcome.

Holding your great grandmother's wedding ring in the palm of your hand, thinking of the journey it took to get to you.

When you pick up your phone meaning to text someone and see that they’ve already texted you.

The first bite of wedding cake at your best friend’s wedding, your shoes long kicked off in the grass, music floating in the air.

Learning something new, well enough to teach it to someone else.

How good it feels to start a new creative project, the possibilities are endless.

The moment after an act of bravery, you’ve ventured something big from your heart or from your gut and you know that no matter the response, you were bold and true in that moment and it was not easy.



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This episode of Happiness Spells was written, arranged, recorded and produced by Amanda Meyncke in Los Angeles, California. Our music is by Chris Zabriskie.

Amanda Meyncke