Episode 2: Quiet Thrill ft. Bethany Wearden


This episode was written by Bethany Wearden, a writer and creative living in Los Angeles.

Waking up early on a sunny morning with the birds chirping outside, the breeze rustling the leaves and knowing you can stay right there as long as you want.

The feeling of a large soft, wooly scarf against your face when the air is cold and sharp.

Walking out the front door of an airport into a place you’ve never been before, closing your eyes and allowing all the new smells to become familiar as you head out into this new adventure.

Forehead kisses from warm, smiling lips.

The deep down satisfaction of writing something and finding all the words and phrases to say exactly which you want to say.

The quiet thrill somewhere between your heart and your belly when someone you’ve been hoping would touch you, reaches out and covers their hand over yours and squeezes it tight.

The way the steam of your favorite loose leaf tea smells circling up in the warm mug.

The unstable feel of cobblestones on your feet as you walked around the corner into an Italian piazza and gasp with the grandeur of the cathedral that suddenly comes into view.

Driving at night on a quaint old street with pretty lamp posts and twinkling lights in the trees.

The spicy smell of hiking under mature oak and pine trees, crossing the stream, one, two stones at a time.

Summertime evenings that are heavy and sensual with the heat leftover from the day, the seductive scent of jasmine perfuming the air.

Crying in a movie theater because you know exactly what the character is feeling and you’ve always wondered if anyone else has ever felt that way too.

Feeling loamy earth between your fingers as you pull weeds out of the summer garden, the sun warm and loving on your back.

Bright laughter and chatter of friends at a long table, the tinkling of silverware and glasses confirming their enjoyment of the meal.

Sitting inside the charming cafe next to floor ceiling windows watching the rain rush down outside.

Laying on your back in tall grass, the strands tickling the backs of your tanned legs, eyes squinting against the sun.

Coming home at the end of a workday to a tidy but cozy lamp-lit living room and curling up in your favorite overlarge armchair.



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This episode of Happiness Spells was written, arranged, recorded and produced by Amanda Meyncke. Our music is by Chris Zabriskie.

Amanda Meyncke