Episode 11: The World Inside You ft. Morgan Nikola-Wren


This episode is written by Morgan Nikola-Wren, and is so beautiful that it made me happy just reading her beautiful poetry and thoughtful words. Find out more about her here: https://www.morgannikolawren.com

Passing by someone who looks exactly as you pictured a character in one of your favorite books.

The sound of an orchestra tuning before a performance, the trembling anticipation of violin and cello strings.

Pulling a piece of furniture into just the right corner.

The crisp, creamy pages of a brand new journal, wondering what kind of person you will be by the time they are all filled.

Watching the unconscious movements of someone’s hands, the way their fingers slide, trip and drum over things.

Seeing the stars reflect in the ocean on blue black night and losing track of where sky ends and the sea begins.

When someone you have known for years tells you something about themself for the first time and you feel like you’re meeting them all over again.

The smell of fresh rosemary.

Taking yourself to the movies alone and finding the theater empty, save for a few people, being able to tell exactly which of them is laughing or sighing throughout the film.

Buying the perfect shade of bold red lipstick.

Driving alone down a familiar street, remembering when you found this place for the first time, how you wondered if you would ever feel at home there and how your strong memories along it  like glass beats.

Having the living room all to yourself at 3:00 in the morning, feeling a distinct kinship with whoever else maybe awake at that hour in this city and wondering what is on their mind.

Visiting a city that you used to live in when life was especially bad, swearing that you can see ghosts of your former selves popping up everywhere and silently promising them that everything will be just fine eventually.

Reading old letters and postcards in an antique shop and truly realizing how everyone keeps whole worlds inside them.

The kind of quiet that feels thick around you as if it’s leaning close to listen to your thoughts.

When a song is made of nothing but all the right words and the music moves effortlessly with your soul.

The down of a bird’s breast impossibly soft against the blade of your finger.

The sound of rain tapping against your window and roof, a cool air against your face, all the rest of you is enveloped in your favorite blanket.

Knowing that there are some things, some feelings that you will never be able to articulate and being ok with it, learning to love that wordless space that sits between you and your deepest secrets.



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This episode of Happiness Spells was written, arranged, recorded and produced by Amanda Meyncke in Los Angeles, California. Our music is by Chris Zabriskie.

Amanda Meyncke