Episode 31: A Place of Stillness (ft. Sarah K. Peck)


This episode is adapted from a piece written by Sarah K. Peck, a writer I came across recently. Peck is the founder of Startup Pregnant, a podcast and community dedicated to working mothers and business owners navigating the challenges of parenting.

Swimming, being in water, being immersed in water, being hugged by water.

Forests, canopies of leaves over head, roots, green for days, multiple colors of green, a rainbow greens, from bright and neon to dark and seductive.

Hidden trails on hiking adventures - leaves, trees and paths beckoning you to follow them, wandering in the woods on a mindful adventure.

Cabins, wooden cabins, small cabins, cabins with shared kitchens.

Shared silence, conversational silence, understanding the beauty of a pause as rich as the words just spoken beforehand.

Learning how to sing, music of all forms, wiggling your hips to shake off the day.

Really, really good conversations, conversations that unfold over a period of days, exploring an idea, returning to it, delving into it, pausing, becoming something again.

Laughing at inside jokes, being unable to stop laughing, uncontrollable giggles, things that make you giggle with their memory, hours and days later.

Reading good books, books that sweep you up in a way, inside their ideas or adventures.

Sleep that feels just right and wakes you up feeling refreshed.

Cards, note paper, stationery, letters, a box of unwritten cards, beckoning to be  written, an envelope of letters stashed away in my backpack, writing letters to friends as often as daily.

Someone who sends the perfect Google Calendar invitation, knows their way around online organization tools that and as-as geeky as you are about email scheduling and notifications, you breathe out, they get it - yes!

Cooking pot luck dinners for friends, stews made in one large pot, soaking up flavors all day.

Blossoms bursting open on an early day of spring, the first signs of winter shaking off its cool slumber into the explosive greenery that is spring, a fierce trumpeting of birds, flowers and forest in a vibrant sense of newness and noise.

Meditation, easy music to put you into a peaceful resting, finding a place of stillness and relishing in it, a warm cup of tea and gazing out the window, letting the thoughts untangle, tumble out, slowing down, breathing.

Unexpected nooks and crannies inside of houses.

Urban patterns, architecture, understanding that everything outside is built, made up, born of someone’s imagination, space, time, movement and human behavior, small cities and big buses in Metropolises.

Being connected to each other.



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This episode of Happiness Spells was written, arranged, recorded and produced by Amanda Meyncke in Los Angeles, California. Our music is by Chris Zabriskie.

Amanda Meyncke