Episode 33: Thankful for Fall, Appreciating Autumn


Crisp fall leaves, delicious autumn cooking, big cozy sweaters, the soft glow of campfires, hay rides galore, caramel apples -- it's fall, my loves.

The turning of the leaves, slowly from green to amber and brown.

A pot of soup bubbling as you walk in the door, greeting you, drawing you into the warmth of the house, the smell of delicious comfort food.

Finally, breaking into your fall clothes, thick scarves and tall boots, the softest chunky sweaters you own.

Steam rising from a warm beverage on the first truly crisp day.

Getting cozy under a big blanket with someone you love.

Seeing a pile of butternut and acorn squash at the grocery store.

Paying close attention to the changing of the seasons from summer to autumn, so much is different, we can see it and feel it.

Getting ready for Halloween even if you’re just decorating for yourself.

A color palette of fall - deep oranges, crisp mustard yellow, dark greens, rich cranberry.

Those Cinderella white pumpkins sitting on porches all over town.

Pies of all kinds from buttery pecan to softest pumpkin, caramel apple with flaky crust.

Taking a walk and seeing a little dog wearing a plaid jacket, just makes you laugh.

Pumpkin spice latte.

Knowing that the holidays are coming and vowing to enjoy this time for what it is.

Thick, warm socks that come up over your knees.

Finding one perfect reddish-orange leaf as you go about your daily life.

The weather becomes something so precious, the mixture of chill and cloud and sky, pulling a feeling of comfort out of you.

The smell of a wood fire burning from a chimney nearby.

The camaraderie and joy of football season, everyone together, watching games, talking and laughing.

Clean sheets and big comforters at the end of a very long day.

The glow of candles in a darkened room, the wind whistling outside.

A hearty bowl of chili and a thick slab of buttery cornbread.

Porch lights at night, warm and golden against the dark blue skies filled with gray clouds.

The smell of damp leaves on the ground after a hardy rain.

Glass of apple cider, fizzing and cold.

How open I am to change in this season, how ready I am for what comes next, new beginnings and a space to feel them.



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This episode of Happiness Spells was written, arranged, recorded and produced by Amanda Meyncke in Los Angeles, California. Our music is by Chris Zabriskie.

Amanda Meyncke