Bonus Episode: Unwinding for Calming, Grounding, Sleep and Relaxation


This longer episode is a guided meditation for sleep, for relation, for calming and grounding. We describe physical sensations and walk you through unwinding.

You are warm and safe, safe in your own space, a soft blanket around you.

Listening carefully, you hear a soft song in the distance, a warm rich melody that feels familiar even though you’ve never heard it before.

Your breathing easy now, you breathe in through your mouth - gentle and easy, you breathe out through your nose - gentle and easy.

Laying on your back, releasing the muscles in your face behind your eyelids in your jaw, letting your tongue fall from the roof of your mouth, you can feel the floor beneath you, holding you up, cradling you.

You slowly move one foot to the left and then to the right, you moved the other foot to the left and then to the right, you bring both your feet together to touch and then moved them away from one another, a slow, gentle kind of dance.

You can feel your hands heavy beside you, allow yourself to release tension there, feel your shoulders relax, your neck begin to soften, you release the tension behind your eyebrows, behind your ears.

A soft light fills the room - the warm and comforting light fills you with the sense of peace and you know that you are safe, you are known, you are loved.

You slowly place one hand over your heart, thanking it for doing what it should, for loving so well, for feeling so much, for giving you the gift of love for all the people and things and places that matter so much to you.

You placed one hand on your gut, thanking it for doing what it should, for guiding you so well, for giving you courage, for helping you move forward, for giving you the gift of knowing your own mind.

You placed your hands on your legs, thanked them for taking you to and from, you thanked them for holding you in this world, for taking you to places you never imagined, cities that you loved.

You feel your hands without even meaning to and thanked them for lifting, for carrying, for writing words of kindness, of justice, of bravery, of polarity.

You placed your hands slightly on your head, thanking your brain for thinking your thoughts, for making you, you.

Thanking your eyes for seeing such beauty in the world, for looking at the faces of the people you loved.

Thanking your lips for tasting delicious foods, for placing sweet kisses on the people you loved.

Thanking your ears for listening to music, to laughter, to the conversation with friends that mean so much to you.

You placed your hands back down by your side.

In this moment, you are nearly weightless, you are so warm and filled with calm, with grace and with peace.



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This episode of Happiness Spells was written, arranged, recorded and produced by Amanda Meyncke.

Amanda Meyncke