Episode 77: For You, With Love, From a Friend


They made you a scarf, they sang you a song, they sent you a message telling you how much they love you. Happiness comes in moments, in the spaces inbetween everything else.

A really good pair of scissors, how heavy they feel, how cleanly they cut.

Broccoli Cheddar soup in a crusty bread bowl.

A bubbling natural hot springs with a gorgeous view, and no one else around for miles.

Old bowling alleys where nothing has been updated for 50 years.

Marble statues carved so delicately it takes your breath away.

Hearing the water boil in the kettle as you get ready to make a cup of tea.

Group chats with your best friends that sometimes get out of control during the work day.

Friendly conversation on a plane.

When you see the blush of a smile spread across someone’s face as they look at their phone

and you know the person they love just texted them.

Riding on the back of a motorcycle, your arms wrapped around their waist.

The heaviest cast iron skillet, seasoned to perfection.

Watching birds crowd each other at the bird feeder.

A thick, chunky scarf knitted for you, with love, by a friend.

Writing a long grocery list while on vacation.

Shuffling a deck of cards smoothly, feeling them fall together between your hands.

Haggling with a vendor in an open market, getting a good price for the thing you wanted.

Washing the dishes, submerging your hands in the hot water, scrubbing the dishes clean.

Cooking a big meal for your very best friends.

An audiobook reader with a super soothing voice.

Pulling into your own driveway after a long drive home.

A hook under the bar to hang your purse and coat.

The feeling of the latch clicking when you close a dishwasher, and the woosh of water running inside.

Dogs tugging on their leash to say “hi” to you on the street.

A steaming hot pretzel with gooey cheese to dip it in.



Happiness Spells Podcast is a five minute list of all the greatest pleasures and smallest joys in life. Increase your capacity for positivity, curiosity and gratitude. New episodes every Monday and Thursday.

This episode of Happiness Spells was written, arranged, recorded and produced by Amanda Meyncke in Tijuana, MX. Our music is by Chris Zabriskie.

Amanda Meyncke