Episode 96: The Pleasures of Knitting, Sewing, Creating and Making (ft. Gabrielle Gergler)


All things knitting, yarn, crafting, sewing and making! This episode is written by Gabrielle Gergler, from Once Upon a Corgi -- her shop is gorgeous, and her podcast is a lot of fun for those of you who love knitting, yarn and of course, corgis.

Putting on a freshly finished pair of socks

The look of a loved one’s face when they receive a handmade gift

Pulling freshly washed fabric out of the dryer and imagining what it wants to be made into.

The first sip of a hot cup of coffee or tea during the afternoon break of a long day of making

Spending a moment to match buttons to a new cardigan, looking at small glass ones or large colorful animal shaped ones.

When all of your pets sit quietly on the couch together.

Flipping through a new pattern book and discovering your new favorite designer. Until a new book comes out and you find another favorite designer

The first cool crisp breeze of falling telling you it is officially time to grab your woolens out of storage for the season.

Plying your spun singles and having no leftovers.

Digging your fingers into the curly wool of a ready to be shorn sheep, soft and springy like a cloud.

Taking your stash out and laying it on your bed, finding new pairings and color combinations as you place yarns together that have never been next to each other before.

Getting a compliment on a new dress that you spent all day making and saying “Thank you, I made it and it has pockets!”

The one skein of yarn that is so special you aren’t sure you will ever knit it, but take it out sometimes just to look at it, admire the colors, remember where you got it and enjoy its company.

Putting on the first sweater you ever made, ends not woven in, one sleeve longer than the other and it might be too big, but you made it and it is perfect.

You finished sewing a new outfit, and did not having to re-thread your machine once during it.

Running you fingertips along the long aisle of fabrics, feeling the different types of satin, fleece, wool, lace, and dreaming of the beautiful wardrobe you could create with them.

Matching your thread perfectly.

Showing the shop owner your finished project with yarn you bought from them, and how they are just as excited about it as you are.

Picking out your favorite stitch in a project, always knowing where it is. Not knowing why it is your favorite but that doesn’t matter.

Tiny food shaped markers, because what knitting project is complete without a small burrito letting know how far you have come today.



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Amanda Meyncke