Episode 56: Finding Something You Thought You’d Lost Forever


Text messages that make you blush to your core, antique stores that make you wonder, squishing play doh and so many more happy things are waiting for you to notice them.

When the item you’re buying is on sale and you get a nice discount

Mopping your floors and reveling in how sparkling clean it is.

Walking through an antique store and coming across an object so strange you can’t stop thinking about it all day.

A text message that makes you blush to your core.

Harmonizing when singing with someone else.

Walking around a new place with your best friend.

Squishing playdoh in your hands, how soft and sticky it is.

Finding something you really felt you had lost forever.

Calling your mom or dad and telling them you love them.

Forgetting your cell phone for a while.

Listening to the voice of someone you love, talking bout the most boring things.

The way a dog barks when they’re happy to see you, not just warning you off.

Going to bed earlier than you normally would.

The British spelling of a word you love so much.

Texting way past your bedtime with your very best friends.

Visiting Central Park in the Springtime, the flowers and sounds of happiness filling the air.

The funny way penguins waddle around on ice.

Observing the way your hometown has changed slowly, over time.

The sound of a lonely foghorn, off in the distance.

Climbing up into a treehouse long after you’re the age for it.

Knowing that at any moment you can have a different kind of life, if you want it.



Happiness Spells Podcast is a five minute list of all the greatest pleasures and smallest joys in life. Increase your capacity for positivity, curiosity and gratitude. New episodes every Monday and Thursday.

This episode of Happiness Spells was written, arranged, recorded and produced by Amanda Meyncke in Los Angeles, California. Our music is by Chris Zabriskie.

Amanda Meyncke