Episode 37: Yellowstone National Park, ILYSM


A celebration of Yellowstone National Park, Geysers, Lamar Valley, a visit to Wyoming and beyond. Elk, Moose, Bears, the heady wonder of the waterfalls, the mystical magic of this beautiful land. Not sponsored, I just effing love Yellowstone.

The winding, intricate roads taking you from one wonder to the next, shrouded in tall trees, each curve of the road bringing you closer.

The gentle grandeur of Lamar Valley an idle wolf crossing near the tree line, herds of bison dotting the vast, sprawling green hills.

The heady, sulfuric smells of the hot springs.

Waking one morning very early, almost before the sun breaks through the sky and wandering the wilds of the Norris Geyser Basin, the strange alien landscape, captivating and warm like the surface of a strange planet. Plumes of mist rising from the hot ground, steam pouring out from fumaroles, something more beautiful than you’ve ever seen before and something you could never have imagined.

A double rainbow arcing across the sky in the midst of a late day rain.

Being present at the rebirth of a geyser that had lain dormant for years, the sudden, thundering rush, the explosion of water shooting skyward, so beautiful, so strange to see.

Hearing a multitude of languages all around you, the joy of those from far away, seeing the same wonders as you.

Joining in with the crowds to sit and see Old Faithful. Even though there’s a million people there, it’s still a marvel, it’s still a miracle and you can feel it move you.

The glory of Lake Lewis, so broad and blue, letting your eyes fall where the mountains meet the water.

The endless colors of the hot springs, the microorganisms that color the water, totally inflamed reds, gold and yellow strands of algae, toxic green, the shocking ice blues and deeper sapphire colors.

The fact that this was the first National Park founded in 1872, long before anyone ever thought of you.

How stunning the land of Wyoming is, the rolling green hills, the endless waterfalls, colorful mountainsides.

A herd of elk, so close you could reach out and touch them, their antlers tall and sharp, warm liquid eyes and alert ears, tuned to your every move.

The Grand Prismatic Spring, so wide across and shrouded and steamed in mist, an absolute rainbow of colors hiding under that cover.

Making your way along the creaking floorboards of the walkways around the geysers, hearing the hot air bubbling out of the earth itself, a hot vent steamed rising upwards, hissing.

The Paint Pots gurgling and bubbling up, bubbles blown up through mud bursting in the air sometimes as high as four feet.

Knowing that you're atop a somewhat active volcano, the source for heat of all these bubbling thermal pools. Even the word “Caldera” is beautiful and you say it to yourself, “Caldera,” “Caldera,” “Caldera.”

The sheer size and scope of the Mammoth Hot Springs, so many strange rock formations and cavernous dripping pools -- pure white, sickly yellow and stunning to see.

The tall trees, the mountain heather and wildflowers that dot the Montana prairies are so beautiful, there something so vivid in the greenery of this place. It sinks into the imagination and stays with you for a long time.

Knowing that in any minute, you could see a Grizzly bear or Black bear, certainly puts things in perspective.

Crossing the continent that divide over and over as you make your way around the park.

Bubbling, buzzling waters roiling up from under the surface of the earth, the fumaroles, the vents, the geysers and the hot springs, every color under the sun.



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This episode of Happiness Spells was written, arranged, recorded and produced by Amanda Meyncke in Los Angeles, California. Our music is by Chris Zabriskie.

Amanda Meyncke