Episode 38: Cooking, Eating, Relishing, Living (ft. Claire Oliverson)


Today's episode is all about the simple joys and small pleasures of eating, cooking, baking, and enjoying the fellowship that springs up around food and community. This episode was written by Claire Oliverson, currently the Senior Director of Social Media & Content Strategy at America's Test Kitchen.

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Freshly baked muffins with blueberries that pop and then melt in your mouth.

The smell of freshly chopped garlic hitting hot oil.

The light tapping noise of corn kernels hitting the saucepan lid before they turn into fluffy popcorn.

The excitement of trying a new recipe.

Heady smells of a Sunday roast wafting from room to room.

Warm chocolate oozing from a cookie just out of the oven.

A camaraderie of making a pizza with a group of friends, the sheer joy of realizing what you’ve made together.

A firm, flavorful sear on a ribeye steak.

Blooming spices in hot fat.

Eating food that tastes good and makes you feel good.

Testing out an entirely new cuisine, discovering what you like about the new textures and smells.

Researching your next pantry staple to make everything you cook better.

Stocking the winter larder with potatoes, onions, garlic from local farmers market.

A fluffy waffle with maple syrup on Saturday morning.

When you discover a new kitchen hack, forever making your life easier.

New stainless steel pans.

Staying in on a Saturday night to make comfort food and share a bottle of wine.

The sumptuous mouth feel of rich chocolate paired with fresh orange.

The first time you master cooking a new dish that you’ve eaten out at restaurants hundreds of times.

Experience the swelling pride you feel as you make a birthday cake for a loved one.

Knowing you're connected through generations by the simple act of preparing food.



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