Episode 42: Being Grateful & Cultivating True Gratitude


A list of things to be grateful for, to remind us to feel gratitude as often as we can in this life.

Being grateful does not come easily to many of us, we're often very busy, too tired to be grateful for every little thing but we can develop gratitude by practicing noticing things to be grateful for, especially in the midst of loss and pain.

Be grateful for time, time to make amends, time to ourselves, time to change the future, time to spend with people that we love.

Be grateful for your health, when you are well, you are strong and able, you can breathe clean air and your body takes you where you want to go.

Be grateful for your family, in good times they are your support, your strength. If they have failed you in this life then they have taught you to be strong, to survive on your own.

Be grateful for your friends, they are your chosen family in this world, people who know you the best, who choose to love you for who you are, who laugh and cry with you, struggle and succeed alongside of you.

Be grateful for your name, it’s your passport to the rest of the world, your introduction into situations, it’s often the first thing people learn about you, and the way they get your attention, it’s whispered into your ear by your lover and said with love by your friends and family.

Be grateful for your heart, it‘s so protected sometimes, so hidden from others but gentle at its core, filled with love for other people, love for yourself, with the desire to do good in the world, to see it become a better place for everyone.

Be grateful for your mind, keen and insightful, filled with facts and figures, able to make connections and dream so brilliantly, discover new things, notice the smallest details of the world around you.

Be grateful for your personality, a mixture of so many elements, all the people you’ve known and places you’ve lived, even when you think you know yourself well, you’ll always still surprise yourself.

Be grateful for enough to eat and a place to sleep, it’s more than most people have.

Be grateful for your heartbreaks, they taught you wisdom in the midst of pain, they showed you who your real friends are and taught you more what about you cannot live without.

Be grateful for your enemies and those who have hurt you deeply, for showing you how you never want to be.

Be grateful for your mistakes and the things that didn't go right, they cost you dearly but they taught you lessons you’ll never forget and paved the way for something better.

Be grateful for this vibrant beautiful world around us from the endless sandy beaches to the tallest mountains, the sun, moon and stars above, the firm earth under our feet.

Be grateful for your purpose and the meaning that underlines your daily life, the things that matter deeply to you, that guide your decisions and drive you forward, onward and upward.

Be grateful for your life, it’s yours alone, you’re the only one who lives it everyday and we only get the one life, be grateful for your ability to make it a beautiful one.



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This episode of Happiness Spells was written, arranged, recorded and produced by Amanda Meyncke in Los Angeles, California. Our music is by Chris Zabriskie.

Amanda Meyncke