Episode 41: The Golden Glow of Home


Bitter espresso, the golden glow of coming home, you are so capable, asking for a raise -- there's a lot of happiness to be found this week!

The rugged smell in the air of fire, of smoke, wood burning to charcoal drifting from a chimney in the chilled night.

Slicing into a caramel apple, to share with your friends.

The well worn cover of a book you've read countless times, the pages fall open to a passage that means something so much more than when you first read it.

Entering your grandparents house, the familiar smells and sounds that comforted you as a child, still here.

Driving up a darkened driveway, the lights in the house on, pouring out golden light in all directions, welcoming you home.

Sending the first text message to end a fight, when you've not been speaking with someone but they write back right away, words of love, of forgiveness.

The gift of being able to tell someone that you love them and what it is exactly that you love about them.

Teaching a little kid to tie their shoelaces, everyone does it a little bit differently you've found.

Sitting beside the grand canal in Venice, sipping a bitter espresso as the gondola boats go by, bits of tourist conversation wafting up to you.

The extra hour of sleep you get on daylight savings time.

Suddenly emerging from the ocean, gasping for air, the salt water in your eyes and mouth, the seagulls squawking above you.

Wearing mismatched but colorful socks, even if no one else knows.

Getting the raise you deserve, because you asked for it.

Discovering how capable you are, reminding yourself of how much you've been able to handle.

When your friends wish you good luck before your driving test.

Slightly crooked teeth.

Antique velvet couches in positively bizarre colors, pale greens, bright corals, the backs all tufted and the cushions worn in.

Remembering old articles from YM magazine, how you'd obsess over them, little glimpses into a world that you weren't a part of, yet.

When someone asks you to dance with them, and you feel that chasm of possibility, of promise, in a single moment and you say “yes”.



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This episode of Happiness Spells was written, arranged, recorded and produced by Amanda Meyncke in Los Angeles, California. Our music is by Chris Zabriskie.

Amanda Meyncke