Episode 15: Absolute Nicest Feeling ft. Rahel Aima


Reticulating splines, braided hair, the beauty of Bombay, tissue boxes and foreign dignitaries -- this episode has it ALL.

Today's episode was written by Rahel Aima, @cnqmdi, she can be found at rahelaima.com

When someone pats your head or strokes your hair, but the absolute nicest feeling is a head massage.

When you get really excited about a wonderful bird or bug and others share your delight too.

When you wear a turtleneck for the first time that year and immediately feel very elongated and sleek.

When you endure the mild discomfort of braids all day for the full bodied joy of unraveling them before you sleep.

When you’ve had a blinding headache all day that pain killers did nothing for, but a muscle relaxer works and suddenly you don’t remember what pain is and you’re having the best time alright.

You know when books have surprisingly great end papers, patterned like a powder room or textured or especially foiled, like a smoothened quality street wrapper -- it’s wonderful when people are like that too.

When you’ve just washed your hair and it smells lovely, but more importantly dries into the fluffiest state.

It is also nice when someone shakes your hand or hugs you and you are surprised by their unexpected strength.

Bombay is I think one of my most favorite cities in the world, I get the best feeling as soon as I land here like all my splines are articulated.

All the mistakes I’ve made lately have turned out to be good ones, it’s an unsettling feeling.

Decadence, a sense of having exceeded yourself -- whatever that looks like to you! -- is an important thing to have in your life.

Everybody loves flowers and so few people buy them for themselves -- my favorite thing to bring to people.

You know how humor is often most effective when it’s unexpected? Turns out the same applies to kindness too.

Driving at night with the AC on full blast in winter even though I generally dislike feeling cold.

When people are earnest.

The objects placed on the little table between dignitaries in the diplomatic photo opp, bouquets, tissue boxes usually.

Songs in 6/8 time and also ones whose lyrics began by invoking a time of day.

A translucent sea of jellyfish and when things are vacuum sealed in plastic especially with the liquid.

The rainy, pebbly, shingly types of beaches -- the gloomier the better.



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Amanda Meyncke