Episode 18: Warm Glow from Within


An episode dedicated to the small stuff, good sandwiches, birthday candles and pictures from your childhood.

An honest to goodness postcard in the mail from someone on a trip far away, knowing that they thought of you, they wanted you to see what they saw.

Getting back late to your hotel room, not quite feeling sleepy enough, ordering something decadent from the room service, all for yourself.

Watering a trailing vine plant, watching it perk right up.

Your favorite magazine in the mailbox filled with stories you can’t wait to read.

Putting on the very softest t-shirt you own and clambering into bed, a book waiting for you, half-read and captivating.

Seeing a path forward when the way didn’t seem clear before.

A little kid drawing a picture of you and shyly telling you all about it.

Having what you need at precisely the moment that you need it.

When you accomplish something big that no one thought you could do, not even yourself.

Making the perfect sandwich with exactly the right proportion of everything in it.

A flickering glow of the candles from a birthday cake, casting warm shadows in the darkened room, lighting up the faces of those you love.

The morning after you get paid, feeling positively wealthy.

Finding a picture of yourself as a kid that you’d never seen before and pouring over every detail of it.

A forgotten, twisted $20 bill stored deep in the pockets of jeans that you rarely wear.

Finding your CD case from high school and listening to CD’s that you’ve had completely forgotten all about, but still somehow remember the words to every song.

Guessing something correctly when you’ve had absolutely no idea what the right answer is.

The exact right timing on a busy street hitting every green light as you go.

Realizing that what seems like the end of the world was only the beginning of the rest of your journey.



Happiness Spells Podcast is a five minute list of all the greatest pleasures and smallest joys in life. Increase your capacity for positivity, curiosity and gratitude. New episodes every Monday and Thursday.

This episode of Happiness Spells was written, arranged, recorded and produced by Amanda Meyncke in Los Angeles, California. Our music is by Chris Zabriskie.

Amanda Meyncke