Episode 17: Summertime & Heatwave Happiness


Oh it's hot! Everything summer, all things summertime -- music, picnics, barbecues, lake swimming and berry-picking.

The wild profusion of bright fruit, golden mangoes, crisp blueberries, deep red watermelon, the yellow-pinkish hues of Rainier cherries.

The stark heat of the day, oppressive and warm, being melted away by a few moments in front of the chill of the AC.

Cold water straight from the fridge, so icy, it tastes of nothing at all, you can’t get enough of it.

A long road trip with someone who doesn’t need much from you, pleased just to exist near each other.

Running back up the beach after swimming, the molten hot sand of the beach burning your feet, hiding away under an umbrella as the warm air dries your hair and skin.

Early morning, the day already too hot, that first sip of iced coffee hitting the back of your throat and calming you down.

Escaping to the quiet cool of the movie theater, iced cold Coke in hand, ready to be not so in your head for few hours.

Braving the long lines at the local ice cream store, trying something new, something you wouldn’t normally get.

The smell of the barbecue wafting into the house from outdoors, spicy sausage, corn being grilled in the husk, barbecue sauce - sweet and tangy.

Berry picking with friends, hidden away under the brim of your sun hat, the berries so ripe and warm right off the vine, better than you’ve ever tasted before.

The snazzy new swimsuit that fills you with pleasure, a suit that allows you to feel like yourself, to move and swim, play and rest.

Drinking late with friends on a patio, catching the last light of the sun through spark of stars, lights across the patio glowing warm and friendly, casting shadows.

The smell of sunscreen lightly on the skin of someone you loved an instant time travel device to summers at the community pool, long days at the beach.

Hearing that one song that seems to dominate for a few months, kind of pouring out of doorways and from the windows of passing cars, the soundtrack of summer.

When it finally cools off enough at night to remember who you are, to look around you, noticing the life that you were leading and remember how fast it all goes and to really enjoy the summer.

Watching everything in your garden grow, grow, grow, surprising you daily with the abundance of flowers, new leaves, sprouts from out of nowhere.

Sun tea, steeped outside for hours, mixed with homemade lemonade and ice, cold and so sweet, it almost makes your teeth hurt.

Catching yourself for one moment at the edge of the lake, the wind whipping your hair, your legs strong under you and feeling overcome with gratitude for who you are and with peace for where you are.



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This episode of Happiness Spells was written, arranged, recorded and produced by Amanda Meyncke in Los Angeles, California. Our music is by Chris Zabriskie.

Amanda Meyncke