Episode 83: The Beauty of All Things Spring & Springtime


Spring has sprung in full force, and though we’re nearing Summer it’s the first that it’s felt Spring-like in a very long time. Lots to be grateful for. Lots to hold close.

Walking down the street under trees with thousands of purple flowers on them.

The way the air smells so sweet and fragrant, of jasmine and orange blossoms.

It’s absolutely the most gorgeous temperature, a soft balmy warmth you haven’t felt in months.

Wide open windows, with all the sounds of spring filtering in.

The Santa Ana winds that blow the trees and everything around and around.

Baby birds chirping loudly in their nests.

Flowers everywhere, from tulips bursting forth in a mass of showy colors, to hillsides filled with wildflowers and blossoms raining down from tree branches overhead.

Relishing being outside again, the soft warm weather feels so jubilant.

Kids riding their bikes up and down the street, calling to each other late into the evening.

Baseball season has begun again in earnest.

Putting away your jackets and winter clothes for another year.

Spring break, a week or two of time on your own in the midst of the school season.

Plotting a road trip through areas that were covered in snow until recently.

The joy of spring cleaning, getting rid of the dreariness of winter, making way for the exuberance of the rest of the year.

It gets darker later, and the long evenings are perfect for gatherings with friends.

Everything is growing, wildly bursting up through the seams. Neon green leaves and grass, more growth in the garden than you can keep at bay.

Easter baskets filled with chocolate and candies that remind you of being a kid.

The gorgeous fruits and vegetables filling the markets are beyond fresh, so crisp, crunchy, juicy.

Wearing sandals, shorts and sundresses, your winter skin finally getting a hint of a tan.

Planning a picnic to your favorite park, with all the nicest things to eat.

Driving everywhere with the windows down, your hand luxuriating in the sun and wind.



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This episode of Happiness Spells was written, arranged, recorded and produced by Amanda Meyncke in Los Angeles, CA. Our music is by Chris Zabriskie.

Amanda Meyncke