Episode 84: You Are the Beat My Heart Skipped


Tiki bar delights and small towns where everything is slow and sleepy, there’s a lot of happiness happening all around us.

Small towns where everything closes down early, and the streets are quiet after 8 p.m.

A tiki bar with authentic drinks from the ‘60s.

Listening to someone talk about a passion of theirs.

Roadside attractions on a road trip that don’t make sense out of context.

Tying your shoelaces tightly.

When someone else carries your phone and wallet in their bag.

Rediscovering a hobby that you hadn’t thought about in a long time.

Standing in an elevator, very late at night, alongside someone that makes your heart race.

Taking time off work to sleep, rest, recuperate.

Wearing your very favorite outfit, the one that makes you feel so good when you do.

Solving a sudoku puzzle in record time.

Learning how to say a few phrases in another language.

Writing a letter to your future self, filled with questions and wonderment.

Imagining what kind of restaurant you’d have, if you got the chance to open one.

Leaving your phone behind for the day, forcing yourself to pay attention to the world around you.

Experiencing weather so different from your regular live, severe humidity or endless rain.

Walking down a dirt path in the middle of a forest, the ground solid beneath you.

The idea of walking across an entire country, no matter how long it takes.

How funny penguins look when they waddle across the ice.

Washing your hands with good-smelling soap.



Happiness Spells Podcast is a five minute list of all the greatest pleasures and smallest joys in life. Increase your capacity for positivity, curiosity and gratitude. New episodes every Monday and Thursday.

This episode of Happiness Spells was written, arranged, recorded and produced by Amanda Meyncke in Tulsa, OK. Our music is by Chris Zabriskie.

Amanda Meyncke